Nanette Mol Debes

​MD, PhD
Staff specialist, clinical associate professor


Neuropaediatrics. Scientific and clinical expert in Tourette syndrome.

Main research areas

Tourette syndrome

Since 2005, we have followed a large clinical cohort of children and adolescents with Tourette syndrome longitudinally with focus on symptom severity, comorbidity, neuropsychological consequences, neuroimaging and genetics.
Since 2014, we have offered a new non-pharmacological treatment for tics, behavioural therapy, and evaluate ongoing its effect in a research project.
Since 2017, we have established a cohort of twins with Tourette syndrome, who we examine clinically and genetically.

Other neuropaediatric topics

Besides Tourette syndrome, I am interested in other neuropaediatric topics and have research projects on cerebral palsy, headache and sleep disorders.

Current research


The Lundbeck Foundation, Dronning Louises Børnehospitals Forskningsfond, Bøhmske Foundation, Carpenter Jørgen Holm and wife Elisa born Hansen Memorial Foundation, Queen Louise’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, King Christian X Foundation and Dagmar Marshalls Foundation.