Tourette syndrome in a longitudinal perspective

The project

In this prospective longitudinal study we assess the development of tic and comorbidities over time on a well characterized cohort of 314 children and adolescents with Tourette syndrome. We have interviewed 227 participants with Tourette syndrome and 53 controls in this THE second assessment. With validated instruments, we have screened and examined the participants for comorbidities.

Our aim is to assess the clinical course of tic and comorbidities, find predictors for the different phenotypes of Tourette syndrome and contributing to a better understanding of the pathophysiology of Tourette syndrome. Furthermore, we have examined psychosocial factors, the quality of life and possible abuse of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs of children and young adults with Tourette syndrome in a cross-sectional study. We collaborate with psychologists from Copenhagen University to examine cognitive function, response inhibition, time perception and visual attention. We also collaborate with the Kennedy Center to explore the genetics of Tourette syndrome.

Time frame

First assessment 2005-2008, second assessment 2011-2013.


The Lundbeck Foundation, Dronning Louises Børnehospitals Forskningsfond, Bøhmske Foundation, Carpenter Jørgen Holm and wife Elisa born Hansen Memorial Foundation, Queen Louise’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, King Christian X Foundation and Dagmar Marshalls Foundation.