Behavioural therapy in Tourette syndrome

The project

Historically chronic tics have been treated with pharmacological therapy but recent years' behavioural therapy (BT) such as exposure response prevention (ERP) and habit reversal therapy (HRT) has shown to be effective in reducing tic symptom severity and is now recommended as first-line treatment. We introduced ERP and HRT in our tertiary Tourette clinic in 2013. Initially, treatment has been provided as classic treatment in physical meetings, but since the clinic treats patients from the whole country and some patients need to travel for several hours to come to the clinic, we introduced BT via telemedicine. Furthermore, in order to meet the growing demand for BT, we introduced BT in group sessions.

In this project, we will continuously evaluate the efficacy of BT on the severity of tics, comorbidities, and quality of life. In addition, we will continuously compare classic BT with BT via telemedicine and BT in groups. 

All patients treated with BT are routinely screened with different questionnaires, including a tic severity score (YGTSS) and quality of life questionnaires. These results are collected in a database.

Time frame

Start 2013, ongoing.


Ongoing applications to funds.