The Maternity Ward - Call 38 68 32 57.

​Call the midwife ​​

  • The waters break - be aware of the colour of the amniotic fluid, movements and contractions
  • Regular contractions - every 4 minute, lasting 1 minute and have been lasting like that for 1-2 hours.​

​Call earlier in case of

  • Previous C-section
  • Subsequent child (multiparous)/ previous quick delivery/ twins. 

​Other reasons to call​ the midwife

  • Heavy bleeding - like monthly periods
  • Reduced fetal movements​​
  • Constant pain - other than contractions
  • Any urgent concerns.
​​Don´t  call an ambulance – call us first!

It´s crucial so that there can be a midwife ready for you. There will be a midwife ready to answer your call round the clock.

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