Telemedicine for children with severe uncontrolled asthma - a feasibility study

The project​

Internationally, asthma is the most common chronic disease in children and in Denmark 10-20% of all children have asthma. Moderate to severe asthma in children and adolescents can hamper physical activy performance and lead to reduced lung function as well as poor quality of life. National and international studies have shown that children's quality of life is greatly impaired when their asthma is not well controlled.
The overall aim of this study is to gain experience with the use of the telemedicine in a small group of children with moderate to severe asthma. The feasibilty study can thus form the basis for a larger quantitative study.

During the project period, each patient participating will receive a telemedicine tablet made available for 6 weeks. The project nurse will have daily telemedical contact with the included children, twice a day on weekdays for 6 weeks.

Time frame