On leave during admission

Patient information for you who are on leave from your admission at the short stay section at Herlev Hospital emergency department.

You are going on leave from hospital

When you are on leave, you are still admitted to hospital. You therefore have the same right to treatment and guidance as if you stayed in hospital. For example, this means that you can show up at the department at any time without prior referral.

Returning from leave: When and where

When you return from leave, you must show up at the department at 08:00, unless you have agreed otherwise with the staff. If you are waiting at home for a surgery appointment, the department will call you between 09:00 and 10:00 with information about when to arrive at the department.

Where to go:

Akutmodtagelsens Kirurgiske Korttidsafsnit Herlev Hospital (the surgical short stay section at the emergency admissions department, Herlev Hospital)

Entrance 22, 4th floor (green lift)

Contact us if you start feeling ill at home

If your symptoms get worse at home, you need to return to the hospital section or contact us immediately.

The telephone number to the section is (+45) 38 68 98 72.

The telephone is open all days, 24 hours a day.

If your condition worsens considerably, dial 112.

Remember your medication

If you need medication other than your regular medication during your leave, you can arrange with the nurse to take it home with you. Remember to bring your normal medication to the hospital when you return from leave.

If you need to fast

Note that you must stop eating and drinking (fast) before many operations and examinations.

We will let you know if you need to stop eating and drinking before you return from leave.

If you need fast, you must:

  • Stop eating 6 hours before your operation/examination. This includes chewing gum, hard candy and lozenges.
  • Stop drinking dairy products and juice with pulp 6 hours before your operation/examination.
  • Stop drinking cold or hot liquids 2 hours before your operation/examination. We recommend having a large glass of cordial as the last thing you drink. The sugar in the cordial helps counteract nausea and malaise.

Unless you are told otherwise, this means that you must stop eating from 02:00 and stop drinking from 06:00.

Be prepared for waiting time

You may experience some waiting time. It is therefore a good idea to bring along a book, a magazine or some other entertainment. Be prepared for waiting time in connection with blood test results, scanning results and operation.

If we have many acute patients, we also sometimes have to adjust the schedule of the day and perhaps postpone your treatment.

Internet access

The hospital provides free WiFi for patients and visitors. Select RegHGaest under the wireless network on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Create a user account with your email address and receive a code by mail.