During and after your stay at the emergency admissions department – medical section

Patient information about your stay at the emergency admission department specifically at the medical section.

The emergency admissions department receives patients with acute injury or illness. We do not necessarily treat patients in the order they come in, but on the basis of a medical assessment. This applies regardless of whether you have been referred by your general practitioner, a doctor from the emergency services, an ambulance or via the medical helpline 1813.

What happens in the emergency admissions department

An average course of treatment in the emergency admissions department:

  • When you arrive, your condition and your need for treatment will be assessed by a nurse.
  • Depending on your condition and your symptoms, the nurse responsible for your care will provide nursing care, take tests and examine you.
  • A doctor will examine you and assess your need for treatment, additional tests or examinations.
  • The doctor will subsequently give you the results of your tests and examinations, and discuss your further treatment with you.

There will be waiting time for test results and when waiting for a doctor from the specialist area you need. Your treatment course may vary depending on your treatment need and the number of patients in the emergency admissions department.

The average time for patients in the medical section is 6-8 hours. In the medical team, we have three treatment tracks

  • Medical diseases
  • Brain and nervous system diseases
  • Heart diseases

While you are waiting

We observe everyone in the waiting area. However, if you experience that your condition is getting worse, you are always welcome to contact the staff.


There is unlimited parking in the new carpark by the emergency admissions department, and there is time-limited parking in the hospital's areas. If you need to extend your parking, you can call the information desk. Provide the civil registration number (CPR number) of the patient and the registration number of the vehicle.

Food and drink

It is possible to get something to eat and water while you are waiting. It is also possible to buy refreshments in a cafeteria or in 7-Eleven at Gernes Torv – in the lobby – by entrance 1.

Remember to let the staff know if you leave the waiting area.

Valuables during admission

You are responsible for taking care of your personal belongings when you are in the emergency admissions department. There may be exceptions under special circumstances.


We are happy to answer any of your questions. Perhaps write down your questions, so you remember them when you talk to a doctor or a nurse.

After your visit to the emergency admissions department

If you experience that your symptoms are getting worse, your pain is increasing or that your general condition is affected, contact your general practitioner. Dial 1813 for the medical helpline outside your general practitioner's opening hours.

Transport from hospital to home

You yourself are generally responsible for arranging transport home. The staff can help you call a taxi.

Your medical record

You can see your medical record with MitID on www. sundhed.dk  and on www.minsundhedsplatform.dk.

This is where you can find information in your medical record and read more about your treatment/admission at the hospital.

Information for your general practitioner

We will notify your general practitioner about your admission. Your general practitioner will automatically receive your discharge letter unless you ask us not to send it.


If the doctor has prescribed medicine for you, the prescription will be available electronically.

You can pick up the medicine at any pharmacy.

24-hour pharmacy:

  • Steno Apotek, Vesterbrogade 6c, 1620 Copenhagen V

Extended hours pharmacies:

  • Sønderbro Apotek, Amagerbrogade 158, 2300 Copenhagen S
  • Glostrup Apotek, Hovedvejen 10, 2600 Glostrup
  • Svane Apotek, Lyngby Hovedgade 27, 2800 Kongens Lyngby
  • Frederiksborg Apotek, Slotsgade 26, 3400 Hillerød