Welcome to the surgical short stay section at the emergency admissions department

Patient information for you who has to be hospitalized at the surgical short stay section after your visit at Herlev Hospital emergency department.

We hope that you will be satisfied with your stay at the surgical
short stay section, and that this pamphlet will be useful.

You have been admitted to the surgical short stay section at the
emergency admissions department which only admits acute patients.
If you need to stay in hospital for a longer period of time, you may be
transferred to another section later.

Things you may need during your admission

If you regularly take medication, it is a good idea to bring it to the hospital. You may also need your toiletries, bathrobe and slippers.


There are rounds every day. However, these are not made at fixed hours, as patients in the section are admitted at different times of the day.

Waiting time

There are usually several departments involved in your examinations. Some of these departments serve the entire hospital. Depending on the doctor's assessment of your symptoms and the number of acute patients, you may experience some waiting time in connection with examinations. During this waiting time, the nursing staff at the section will keep you under observation.

Medical consultation

The medical consultation is a dialogue about the patient's treatment plan between staff, the patient and the patient's relatives. If you need to book a medical consultation, please contact the nursing staff. Consultations usually take place between 14:00 and 15:00, and always by appointment. Under exceptional circumstances, consultations at other times during the day can be agreed.

Emergency admissions department

Waiting time may occur as the doctor often has to take care of urgent matters. Your relatives cannot book a medical consultation without your consent.

Final consultation

Before we discharge you from hospital or transfer you to another section, you will have a final consultation with a doctor or a nurse to discuss your treatment plan.


Your relatives are welcome to call the section to hear how you are doing.

  • Rooms 61 to 68 (base 60) tel. (+45) 38 68 26 10
  • Rooms 71 to 79 (base 70) tel. (+45) 38 68 26 11
  • Rooms 80 to 89 (base 80) tel. (+45) 38 68 98 26

We recommend that your relatives decide who is responsible for contact with the section.


We have a duty of confidentiality – even with your closest relatives. You decide whether we can say anything about your situation, and to whom.

Visiting hours

There are no fixed visiting hours, but we ask visitors to show consideration, and we recommend short visits and visits in small groups.

Mobile phones

You are very welcome to bring a mobile phone. In this way, you can easily get in touch with your relatives.


There is a food trolley in the patient day room located in the middle of the section. The food is served by the staff. We recommend that you pick up the food yourself if you can. The more active you are at the hospital, the easier it will be when you get home.

The food trolley opens for:

Breakfast at 09.00.

Lunch: 12:30.

Dinner: 18.10.

If you were away for an examination, operation or something else during the food trolley's opening hours, you can contact the nursing staff who will make sure you get some food.

Food for relatives

Relatives can join you for meals at the section. Meal vouchers can be bought in the cafeteria on the ground floor or via MobilePay 39707. See notice on the notice board in the patient day room.


The beverage trolley is by the food trolley and is run by the staff. Please remove your own used cups and glasses. Put them on the trolleys for used dishes and cutlery.


Your experience as a patient or a relative at the surgical short stay section at the emergency admissions department is important to us. We are constantly working to improve ourselves, which is why it is important for us to receive your feedback.

If your experiences do not meet your expectations, we encourage you to contact the lead nurse, the area management or the department management.

Personal belongings

We do not recommend bringing large amounts of cash, credit cards, jewellery and similar. You are responsible for taking care of your personal belongings. You can put your belongings in a locked cupboard or drawer in the bedside table.

Kiosk and cafeteria

It is possible to buy refreshments in the hospital cafeteria or in 7-Eleven at Gernes Torv – in the lobby – by entrance 1.

The cafeteria is open:

Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 17:00.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays.