Welcome to the medical short stay section at the emergency admissions department

Patient information for you who has to be hospitalized at the medical short stay section after your visit at Herlev Hospital emergency department.

We have gathered some information that might be useful for you and your relatives. You are always welcome to contact the staff if you have any questions.

When you are in the hospital

You have been admitted to the medical short stay section at the emergency admissions department. Admissions at our section usually last 1–3 days. If your condition requires longer admission, you will probably be transferred to one of the other medical sections.

The staff

The staff at this section is a professional team of doctors, nurses, social and healthcare assistants, physiotherapists, ergotherapists, etc. We place great emphasis on adapting your treatment plan to your needs, and we strive to create the best possible framework for your stay.

Staff shifts

Shifts start:

at 7:00

at 15:00

at 23:00

In these periods, staff will plan the subsequent shift. We therefore ask you to be patient as there may be additional waiting time, because we spend time on coordinating and handing over tasks to staff on the next shift.

Waiting time

We try to avoid unnecessary waiting time or postponement of examinations and treatments, but unfortunately sometimes acute and unforeseen situations arise, which means that we have to postpone what we have planned. We do everything we can to prevent such situations and we hope for your understanding in this regard.

Emergency admissions department


There are rounds every day from 9:30. During rounds, you can talk to the doctor and the nurse about possible examinations and the plan for your treatment and care. If you have any questions for the doctor or the nursing staff, we recommend that you or your relatives write questions on the board in your room.

Physical activity and rehabilitation

It is important that you stay physically active during your admission. We recommend that you participate in day-to-day tasks as far as possible. Go for short and longer walks.

The plan for your treatment may contain an offer of assessment and rehabilitation with a physiotherapist or an ergotherapist. If so, they will stop by your room to speak with you.


We recommend that you wear trousers/jogging bottoms and shoes when walking around the section.

Meal times and diet

Meals are offered daily:

Breakfast around 8:15-08:45

Lunch around 11:45-12:15

Dinner around 17:40-18:10

The food buffet is run by the staff. We recommend that you pick up your food yourself if you can. The more active you are at the hospital, the easier it will be when you get home.

It is also possible to buy refreshments in the hospital cafeteria or in 7-Eleven at Gernes Torv – in the lobby – by entrance 1.

Help yourself to something to drink from the beverage trolley, and please remove your own used cups and glasses. Put them on the trolleys for used dishes and cutlery. If you are bedbound, the staff will bring you something to drink.

We may need to register how much fluid you drink. In such cases, it is important that you and your relatives help us write down what you drink during the day.

Hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene is the most important procedure to prevent spread of diseases in hospital. We therefore recommend that you and your relatives wash your hands thoroughly with soap and subsequently use hand sanitizer.


The nursing staff will generally dose and hand out your medication during your admission, but you are welcome to administer this yourself if it suits you best. In that case, this should always be agreed with the nursing staff.

Information for your relatives

We consider your relatives an important resource, and we want to have a good and constructive collaboration with them. We believe that your relatives can give you strength and support you in your period of illness.

Help from your relatives

Relatives can help increase our knowledge about your state of health and how well you were coping before your admission, and help plan a safe discharge, e.g. by taking you home or being there when you get home from hospital. Your relatives can also help you remember to take your valuables home with you after your stay in hospital.

Visiting hours

There are no fixed visiting hours, but we ask visitors to show consideration. We would like visits to be over by 21:00, unless otherwise agreed.

Before discharge

Before you are discharged, we will inform you about the results of the examinations and the treatment you have received, and about any further treatment and check-ups. When you are discharged, we will send a summary of your admission, as well as a printout of any medication you may have to take, to your general practitioner.

The hospital can print out documentation of admission if necessary.

Perhaps you did not have time to grab any clothes or keys before your admission. Ask your relatives to bring such belongings to the hospital before you are discharged.

An envelope with relevant documents and any medication will be given to you.

Medication after discharge

We know from experience that you can be uncertain about what medication to take after your discharge. If you have the slightest doubt about your medication, do not hesitate to ask one more time before you go home. Once you are home, we recommend that you check the medication you have at home against the medication list you have been given at the hospital. If you are still in doubt, contact the department or your general practitioner.

Cash and valuables

We do not recommend bringing large amounts of cash, credit cards, jewellery and similar. Unfortunately, the hospital is not responsible for your belongings and valuables.

Tablet with DR app, radio and use of your own Netflix account

The wards have tablets you are welcome to use. If you use your own Netflix account on the tablet, remember to log out when you leave the department.

Internet access

The hospital provides free WiFi for patients and visitors. Select RegHGaest under the wireless network on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Create a user account with your email address and receive a code by mail.

Give us feedback – you can make us better

Your experience as a patient or a relative at the medical short stay section at the emergency admissions department is important to us. We are constantly working to improve ourselves, which is why it is important for us to receive your feedback.

If your experiences do not meet your expectations, we encourage you to contact the lead nurse, the area management or the department management. You can find contact information at the end of this pamphlet.

You can also give us feedback or make suggestions by filling in a Sig din mening (give us feedback) card and put it in the red mailbox by the section's green reception desk – ask the staff if you are in doubt. If you or your relatives have any further questions, you are also welcome to contact the staff.