Welcome to the emergency admissions department - emergency service doctor

Information about the emergency service doctor which is an option for examination of acute injury or illness outside the opening hours of your general practitioner.

The emergency admissions department receives patients with acute injury or illness.  We do not necessarily treat patients in the order they come in, but on the basis of a medical assessment. This applies regardless of whether you have been referred by your general practitioner, a doctor from the emergency services, an ambulance or via the medical helpline 1813.

What happens in the emergency admissions department

A typical course of treatment with the emergency services doctor at the emergency admissions department:

  • When you arrive, you will be registered in the reception and referred to the waiting area for the emergency service doctor.
  • The emergency service doctor will come get you when your treatment/examination starts.
  • The waiting area to the emergency service doctor will also include patients who are going to be treated/examined by other doctors at the emergency admissions department.

While you are waiting

We observe everyone in the waiting area. Even though you do not get called in at the expected time, we have not forgotten about you.

If you experience that your condition or injury is getting worse, please contact the staff. Perhaps you need pain-relieving medicine or something else.

If you need to leave the department, please contact the staff.


There is time-limited parking in several of the hospital's areas. If you need to extend your parking, you can contact the reception desk. Remember to bring your registration number.

Food and drink

Help yourself to beverages and coffee from the trolleys in the waiting room and in the corridors. It is also possible to buy beverages, snacks and sandwiches from the cafeteria and kiosk on the first floor.

Internet access

Contact the staff if you want to access the hospital's WiFi.


You are responsible for taking care of your personal belongings when you are in the emergency admissions department.


We are happy to answer any of your questions. Perhaps write down your questions, so you remember them when you talk to the emergency service doctor.