Welcome to the Antenatal unit

Information about the Antenatal Unit.

With this information, we hope to help you get settled at Graviditet og Barsel, sengeafsnit 1.

For many pregnant women, an admittance to the atenatal unit can be quite strenuous, especially if these complications have occurred very suddenly. You may have many concerns about how the rest of the pregnancy and delivery is goind to proceed. Also, you might have many thoughts about your every-day life work, and maybe your other children and how they are going to cope with their mother being away for a while.

The staff is very aware of these thoughts and concerns and you are always welcome to talk to us about it.

Midwives and nurses are available throughout the entire day in the unit and at each shift, there will be a specific nurse or midwife assigned to you.

Please contact the staff if you need any assistance. Please call for the staff, by pressing the red button on the wall, on the remote or in the bathroom.

Practical Information

Ward Rounds

For as long as you are admitted, the Doctor or the Obstetrician will go ward rounds, where they will assess your condition and inform you about the plan for your admittance.


The nurse or midwife will you know how much bedrest is advised according to your condition. For some patients it is recommended to only move to and from the toilet. in this case, an assistant will bring you meals from the buffet.


Visiting hours from 16:30-18:00. If you have visitors outside of this timeframe, you are welcome to sit in the vestibule.
If you wish, you are allowed to have one person to stay with you in your room during your admittance.

Mobile phone

You can charge your mobile and computer in the transfomer in your room, but you can not use your hairdryer in this transformer.


There is wireless internet available for you at the antenatal unit. Please select the network named "RegHGaest", go to the internet browser, type your e-mail address and log on to the network. The access is valid for 7 days.

Food and drinks

All meals are served from the buffet on the ground floor. When you have finished eating, we kindly ask that you clean up after yourself. You can dispose of dirty plates and cutlery in the cart next to the buffet.
It is possible for your partner to buy meals using mobile Pay. Read more in the buffet area. The meal-ticket is handed in at the buffet, when you get your meal.
If you are restricted to bedrest, the meals will be brought to you by an assistant.
If you have eaten from the cafeteria, we kindly ask that you hand in your dirty dishes at the cafeteria as well.


The meals are self-serviced, which is why it is very important that you practice good hygiene, by always using a hand-sanitizer when you get your meals from the buffet. You must also use the hand-sanitizer before getting hot or cold drinks from the coffee machine or fridge.


The kiosk i situated in the vestibule and is open 24 hrs.


The café is also situated in hte vestibule, next to the main entrance. The opening hours are 11:00-20:00. During the weekend and bank holidays the café is closed between the hours 15:00-16:00.


In the kitchenette you will find a microwave oven and hotplates, if you wish to heat up your food. If you put food in hte fridge, you must remember to mark it with your name and date.


Your room and toilet is cleaned when necessary by service assistants, therefore, keep your room and the floor tidy. You may change your towels and bed linens according to your needs. You may change your towels and bedlines according to your needs.
You are kindly asked to clean up after yourself in hte common areas as well, so we keep the hospital nice and clean for everyone.
Your garbage, dirty linnens and flowers are dispoed of, in the garbage-room.

Daily Routine

08:00-09:30: Breakfast
12:00-13:00: Lunch
18:00-19:00: Dinner
16:30-18:00: visiting Hours