Corset for lower back (lumbar corset) - how to use

Information on how to put on a lumbar corset and how to clean it.

About the corset

You have been given a corset to support your back and relieve your pain.

How to put on the corset and take it off

We recommend that you sit down when putting on the corset. Wear a thin top underneath to protect your skin.

Place the belt of the corset against your lumbar area and back, while holding the two belt ends away from your body.

Bring one end of the belt to the front and hold it on your stomach.

Bring the other end of the belt over and close the belt with Velcro.

Grab both straps. Pull them forwards and sideways to tighten the corset.

Cross the straps in front of you, and fasten the strap ends to the Velcro on the belt.

The corset should be tight, but it should still be comfortable.

Cleaning the corset

Take off the corset before cleaning it. Clean the corset as necessary by wiping it with a well-wrung cloth. Do not drench the corset in water. Once it is dry, you can put it back on.

Keep an eye on whether your corset irritates your skin.

The constant pressure from the corset can irritate your skin, even if you are wearing a thin top underneath. Check for pressure marks every day. If you get marks from the corset, try adjusting it by using the straps on the side.

Throw away the corset when you no longer need it

The corset cannot be re-used. So when you are done using it, throw it out.

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