Corset - 3-point - guidelines for use

Information on how to get the 3-point corset on and off, how to most easily get in and out of bed, as well as precautions around use.

About the corset

You have been given a corset that supports your back and keeps the bones in your back in position. We call this a 3-point corset, because it supports the spine in three points: the chest, the back and the sides.

The corset should fit tightly, so you cannot move your back. We will guide you and help you adjust the corset the first time you have it on. In some cases, the corset will have to be adjusted after a while.

Instructions on using the corset

You have to wear the corset until the physician says that you can take it off. You may take it off briefly when you are showering/bathing. Do not wear the corset when sleeping. Wear a thin top underneath the corset to protect your skin as much as possible. You can wear your regular clothes over the corset.

How to put on the corset and take it off

You may not put on the corset and take it off yourself. You will need help to put it on and take it off. In the beginning, you may need one to two helpers. Lie down to put on the corset.

Roll to one side with slightly bent legs, so your helper can place a sliding sheet under your back.

Roll to the other side with slightly bent legs, so the sliding sheet can be pulled out on the other side.

Stay on your side, so your helper can place the belt of the corset against your lumbar area and back.

Roll to the other side with slightly bent legs, so your helper can use the sliding sheet to pull the belt out from under you.

Roll on to your back, so you are lying in the middle of the belt with stretched legs.

The part of the belt with the breast panel is brought to the front of your stomach. The breast panel should be positioned centrally on your breast bone approximately a hand's width below your neck. 

The other part of the belt is pulled over, and the belt is closed with Velcro.

The straps on the back panel should be pulled under each arm and fastened to the chest panel.

Grab both straps on the belt. Pull them forwards and sideways to tighten the corset.

Cross the belt straps in the front, and fasten the ends to the Velcro on the belt.

The corset should be tight, but it should still be comfortable. Follow the instructions in reverse order to take off the corset.

How you get out of bed

How you get out of bed:

Bend your legs and roll to one side. Make sure that your hips and shoulders are aligned.

Lift your upper body by placing your elbow on the mattress as you keep your legs together and swing them over the side of the bed.
Use your arms to push yourself to a sitting position. 

Place your hands on the bedside and push yourself up to a standing position.

How you get into bed

How you get into bed:

Sit on the side of the bed leaning to one side with your legs together.

Place your elbow on the mattress and lie on your side.
Swing your legs onto the bed.

Cleaning the corset

Take off the corset before cleaning it. Clean the corset as necessary by wiping it with a well-wrung cloth. Do not drench the corset in water. Once it is dry, you can put it back on.

Keep an eye on whether your corset irritates your skin

The constant pressure from the corset can irritate your skin, even if you are wearing a thin top underneath. Check for pressure marks every day. If you get marks from the corset, try adjusting it by using the straps on the side.

Throw away the corset when you no longer need it

The corset cannot be re-used. So when you are done using it, throw it out.