Collar and cuff arm sling - how to use

A collar and cuff arm sling can relieve your arm after a fracture or a sprain.

About the sling

You have been given a sling to immobilise your arm. There are many brands of slings, we call ours a collar and cuff arm sling. You only need to use the sling when your arm gets tired. The rest of the time, you should use your shoulder and elbow as normally as possible to train mobility. Do not wear the sling when sleeping.

Put the sling on correctly

If you need to put the sling back on, it is important that you do so correctly.

Each end of the sling has a loop. Bend your elbow and place one loop around your forearm just in front of the elbow.

Bring the sling behind your back and over the opposite shoulder.

Place the other loop around your forearm by your wrist.

Resting your arm

When resting, use a pillow to reduce swelling and tension in your arm. Your hand should always be placed higher than the rest of your arm

Lie on your back with a pillow under your upper arm and place the rest of your arm on your stomach.

Lie on the side of your healthy arm and rest your injured arm in front of you on a large pillow or duvet.

Sit with a pillow in front of you. Place your forearm and hand on the pillow.

Throw away the brace when you no longer need it

The brace cannot be re-used. So, when you are done using it, throw it out.