International students

​Erasmus Traineeships and short term internships

​Medical students

Individual clinical rotation at Herlev and Gentofte Hospital can only take place during the summer holiday from mid-June to the end of August when the clinical departments do not teach Danish medical students.

It's only possible to apply for an internship for the summer of 2019. This summer we are fully booked.

It's possible to apply for a short term internship or a traineeship included in the Copenhagen University Hospital as an Erasmus Traineeship.

Your motivated application must contain your CV, period for traineeship, what education semester you have completed etc.

Please don't let personal details (as social security number etc.)  accompanying the application.


Please send your application here.

For further information about Erasmus Traineeships please go to University of Copenhagen's portal for international students.

Nurse students, Midwife students, Physiotherapy students, Global nutrition and health studens

Please contact Metropolitan University College for further information.