Research at Herlev and Gentofte Hospital

Research is important at Herlev & Gentofte Hospital where all departements combine specialized research with the daily work in the clinic 

Herlev and Gentofte Hospital has one of the richest pools of clinical and scientific knowledge and expertise in Denmark. Research in the areas of cardiopulmonary diseases, cancer treatments and dermatology and allergology is particularly advanced, also when measured by international standards. However, conducting clinical and academic research is of very high priority in all departments, and research activities are integrated in all main clinical areas to ensure that high level health care is continuously developed.​
The vision is to not only meet but also excel national as well as international standards, and it is a significant goal for Herlev and Gentofte Hospital to provide and sustain optimal conditions for conducting research. Collaboration with national and international partners is extensive in order to reach the aim, and the many collaborations contribute to a fertile and vivid research environment. ​

The Research Council

The function of the Research Council is to advise and make recommendations to the hospital management on research-related issues.
In addition, activities are planned to promote and to present the research carried out at Herlev & Gentofte Hospital, such as the annual Research Symposium. ​ The members of the Research Council are appointed by the hospital management and they are elected for a term of two years.​
Members of the Research Council (the list is in Danish)

Professors & Research Coordinators

The professors and the research coordinators are responsible for the research profile of their departments. The research profile is connected to the overall research policy.
Moreover the professors and the ​research coordinators are responsible for developing research activities and implementing research results into clinical practice.​