Rikke Andersen, MD

Adoptive cell therapy with tumor infiltrating lymphocytes for patients with melanoma and renal cell carcinoma.

Supervisors: Inge Marie Svane, Professor, MD, PhD
Per Thor Straten, Professor, Biologist
Marco, Donia, PhD

 Camilla Kjær Lønkvist, MD

Musle-to-cancer crosstalk in head and neck cancer patients; the effect of exercise training.

Supervisors: Dorte Nielsen, Professor, MD, DMSc
Julie Gehl, Senior Consultant, MD, PhD
Pernille Højman, PhD, Human Biologist
Elo Andersen, Senior Consultant, MD
Hanne Forbech Skall. Head of Physiotherapy

Cecilia Lund, MD

Clinical biomarkers and the effect of geriatric intervention in frail elderly patients receiving chemotherapy for colorectal cancer.

Supervisors: Julia Sidenius Johansen, Professor, MD, DMSc
Kirsten Vistisen, MD, PhD
Dorte Nielsen, Professor, MD, DMSc, PhD 
Finn Rønholt, Chief of Medical Department O, MD, PhD​

Anne Polk, MD

Cardiotoxicity from 5-Fluorouracil and its oral pro-drugs
Dorte Lisbeth Nielsen, Professor, MDSc, Ph.D
Kirsten Vistisen, MD, PhD, Senior Consultant Oncologist
Morten Schou, MD, PhD, Senior Consultant Cardiologist
Merete Vaage-Nilsen, MD, PhD, Senior Consultant Cardiologist​​


Troels Holz Borch, MD

Evaluation of vaccine-specific immune response in patients with metastatic melanoma or breast cancer treated with dendritic cells transfected with survivin, hTERT and p53 mRNA.

Supervisors: Inge Marie Svane, Professor, MD, PhD
Per Thor Straten, Professor, Biologist

Marco Donia, MD, PhD​


Morten Nielsen, MD


Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) based Adoptive Cell Transfer immunotherapy (ACT) for patients with sarcoma

Supervisors: Chief physician, Clinical Professor Inge Marie Svane, Chief physician, Associate professor Anders Krarup-Hansen, MD, PhD Niels Junker

Dan Taksony Solyom Høgdall

MicroRNA biomarkers in blood for early detection of cholangiocarcinoma and prediction of prognosis and treatment response.

Julia S. Johansen, Professor, MD, DMSc
Ole Larsen, Senior Consultant, MD, PhD
Mogens K.​ Boisen, MD, PhD​
Jesper Bøje Andersen, MSc, PhD, from Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC)

Magnus Pedersen, MD


T cell therapy for patients with metastatic ovarian cancer

Supervisors: Per Thor Straten, Professor, Biologist
Mads Hald Andersen, Clinical Professor
Marco Donia, MD, PhD

Anne Prip, Nurse, Master of Arts


Relationer og kommunikation mellem sundhedspofessionelle og patienter med kræft under ambulant kemoterapi


Supervisors: Seniorforsker Mary Jarden, Universitetshospitalernes Center for Sundhedsfaglig Forskning (UCSF)
Professor Dorte Nielsen, Herlev og Gentofte Hospital
Medvejleder: Antropolog Kathrine Hoffmann Pii, Metropol