PTS group

​​Group leader: Per thor Straten

​Aehnlich, Pia_Pia Aehnlich 225x340.jpg

M.Sc., PhD student
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Jensen, Agnete Witness Præst

Master student
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Olofsson, Gitte HolmenGitte Holmen Olofsson 227x340 - 2016.jpg

M.Sc., PhD
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Peeters, Marlies

M.Sc., PhD
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​Powell, Richard
MSci, PhD
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​Rahbech, Anne
M.Sc., Research assistent
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Santiago, Marta Velasco

Master student

Seremet, Tina_Tina Seremet 225x340 - 09.2015.jpg

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Simöes, Micaela_Micaela Simões 225x340 - 09.2016.jpg

M.Sc., PhD student
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thor Straten, Per

Vice-director, Professor, PhD
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