IMS group

​​Group leader: Inge Marie Svane

Akthar, Yasmin

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Albieri, Benedetta

Master student

​Borch, Troels Holz

MD, PhD, Clinical trial specialist
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​Crowther, MichaelMichael Crowther 09.2018.jpg

M.Sc., PhD
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Ellebæk, Eva ​

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Flyger, Caroline

Student assistant
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Granhøj, Joachim

Scholar student
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Hansen, Frederikke Strauss

Research year student
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Hansen, Morten_Morten Hansen 228x340.jpg

Head, CCIT flow cytometry unit, cand.polyt., PhD
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​Holmstrøm, Rikke Bødker_Rikke  Holmstrøm 225x340 (2).jpg

MD, PhD student
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Hulen, Thomas

MSc, Scientific assistant
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Jensen, Kasper Mølgaard_Kasper Mølgaard Jensen 225x340.jpg

cand.polyt., PhD student
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Jespersen, Mette Syberg

MD, PhD student
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Jørgensen, Martin

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​Kjeldsen, Julie WesterlinJulie Westerlin Kjeldsen 226x340 - 09.2016.jpg

MD, PhD student
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Kverneland, Anders 

MD, PhD student
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Larsen, Stine Kiær_Stine Kiær Larsen225x340.jpg

Senior Scientist and Head of Quality, GMP Facility, MSc, PhD
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​Lie-Andersen, Olivia_Olivia Lie-Andersen 225x340.jpg

M.Sc., PhD student
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Lisle, Thomas

Master student
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Lorentzen, Cathrine Lund_Cathrine Lund Lorentzen 225x340.jpg

MD, PhD student
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Madsen, Cecilie Ølvang_Cecilie Ølvang Madsen 225x340.jpg

Student assistant
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Met, Özcan_Özcan Met 227x340 - 09.2015.jpg

Head, CCIT cell production unit, M.Sc., PhD
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Monberg, Tine_Tine Monberg 225x340.jpg

MD, Clinical assistant
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​Mørk, Sofie Kirial_Sofie Kirial Mørk 225x340 (1).jpg

MD, PhD student
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Nielsen, Morten_Morten Nielsen 227x340 - 09.2015.jpg

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Pedersen, Sidsel KølleSidsel Kølle Pedersen 225x340.jpg

Research year student
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Selimovic, Dora

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Svane, Inge Marie

Director, Professor, MD
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Westergaard, Marie Christine Wulff

M.Sc., PhD
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