Mission and vision

​Center for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT) was established in October 2006. The management of CCIT consists of Per thor Straten, Inge Marie Svane and Mads Hald Andersen.


The overall aim of CCIT is to significantly improve our ability to bridge the gap between discovery and clinical implementation in the field of cancer immunotherapy. CCIT has a focus on development of immunological treatment of cancer, and has a research profile based on equally weighted experimental and clinical projects with a tight interconnection. During the last few years we have carried out numerous clinical trials based on a direct translation of the discoveries from the laboratory. CCIT facilitates quick clinical implementation of new immunotherapies e.g. anti-CTLA4 therapy for melanoma which was implemented in the clinic only 3 weeks after publication of significant phase III data. And as the first and one of only 3 centres in Europe we established the advanced T-cell therapy for metastatic melanoma in the clinic. CCIT provides the infrastructure of certified clinical grade laboratory for preparation of therapeutic cellular products.

​CCIT has a total of around 45 employees, including scientific and technical staff. We are focused on creating an international environment and have a long list of clinical and scientific collaborators illustrating the strong standing in field. Finally, CCIT contribute substantially to the education of next generation scientists and clinicians in the field.