Cancer vaccine to be developed by new biotech company

​Mads Hald Andersen, CCIT, has developed a cancer vaccine using the protein IDO. The succesfull results uptained using the vaccine, has resulted in the creation of a new biotech company, IO Biotech ApS. 

​The new company will continue to improve the vaccine. When sufficient funds have been raised, a phase II trial will be conducted. Scientists will examine whether the vaccine has an effect by treating a series of patients with the same type of cancer, giving them the same dose of the vaccine. The aim is to establish clinical evidence for using an “IDO vaccine” and later to attract industrial partners.

IO Biotech Aps has been established through Copenhagen Spin-outs.  Both The Capitol Region of Denmark Novo Seeds are partners in IO Biotech Aps. The director of the company is Mai-Britt Zocca.