​Congratulations on your pregnancy. Here you can learn about what Herlev Hospital can offer you and your partner during pregnancy.

Baby on board

​​​Healthy habits during pregnancy

Healthy habits during pregnancy (about diet and physical exercise, alcohol, tobacco and medicine during pregnancy).

It is important to have a healthy and varied diet during pregnancy, as well as staying physically active. This is beneficial for you and your unborn baby and will increase your wellbeing and the chances for an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. Furthermore, it is important not to smoke or drink alcohol during pregnancy in order to avoid damage to the unborn child. In case you are required to take medicine during your pregnancy, this should be discussed with your GP.

We advise you to inform yourself in the beginning of your pregnancy about the general recommendations provided by the Danish Health Authority within the leaflet "Healthy habits during pregnancy". The information is available in several languages: Link to the Danish Health authorities website: Healthy habits in several languages

The leaflet "New in Denmark" provides more information on examinations during pregnancy and after your birth: Link to the Danish Health authorities website: New in Denmark - pregnancy and birth. It is also available in the following languages: Danish, Farsi, Somali, Arabic.

 Please visit this link for more information on the Danish health care system in general.  Link to the Danish Health authorities website: The danish health care system. The leaflet is available in several languages.

Hospital appointments during pregnancy

During pregnancy you are offered two ultrasound scans and three appointments with your general practitioner (GP). However, your midwife at Herlev is going to be your main contact. You will see her between four and six times during your pregnancy. These appointments will be more frequent towards the end of your pregnancy. We aim for you to see the same midwife every time, but you might meet a different midwife in case of sickness or holidays.

Routine ultrasound scans during pregnancy

Read on the danish health authorities (Sundhedsstyrelsens) website about routine ultrasound scans during pregnancy:  Pregnant - examinations of the fetus (information available in english, arabic, farsi, polish and somali).

First trimester ultrasound around weeks 11-13

You will be offered a first trimester ultrasound at the hospital attached to the area where you live. For reservation of first trimester ultrasound at Herlev Hospital please contact:

Phone 38 68 38 78
Monday to Friday
at 8: 00-15: 00

d trimester ultrasound around weeks 18-21

If you have had a first trimester ultrasound at Herlev Hospital and are planned to give birth here, we will automatically send you an appointment for a second trimester ultrasound via your e-Box.

Please note that you must book an appointment for a malformation scan yourself if you have had a neck fold scan performed at a hospital other than Herlev. Please contact:
Phone 38 68 38 78
Monday to Friday
at 8: 00-15: 00

Clinical Examinations

Your midwife and your doctor are going to check your blood pressure, urine and weight (optionally). They will ensure your and your baby's wellbeing, measure the size of your uterus and assess the baby's size and position, as well as listen to the baby's heart rate (though not in early pregnancy). Apart from your first appointment, each consultation with your midwife lasts approximately 20 minutes.

You will have to arrange appointments with your GP at 25 and 32 weeks of pregnancy yourself, however the appointments with your midwife will be arranged with her at each visit.

If necessary we will arrange appointments for glucose tolerance tests, ultrasound scans or with an obstetrician - your midwife will know.

You are welcome to ask questions at each session and your midwife will inform you briefly on topics such as labour and breastfeeding. However, we strongly advise you to attend our antenatal classes in English. 

Find more information about antenatal classes 


Antenatal unit


If you have any conserns or  questions about you pregnancy or delivery, you are welcome to arrange an extra appointment with your midwife by calling the secretary: 38 68 82 99

In case of any urgent concerns contact the assesment Unit.

Find more contact information for the assesment Unit.