Pregnancy and Childbirth

Get information about what we can offer you and your partner during pregnancy and after delivery.

Due to the Corona Pandemic the following must be observed:

This website is constantly updated due to frequent changes.

  • If you feel sick with, for example, dry cough, fever, difficulty breathing, muscle pain and sore throat, contact your own doctor or emergency doctor (tel. 1813).
  • If you have an appointment for a pregnancy check-up and you or your partner / companion have symptoms of coronavirus or have tested positive for it, you must contact us before you show up. It is mandatory for us to know if you have symptoms of COVID-19 prior to your examination so that we can assess whether it is appropriate to postpone your appointment or whether we should perform the examination with special precautions.


Latest news:

The Department of Gynecology, Pregnancy and Childbirth has introduced new restrictions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading again.

It means:

  • Use of face masks for outpatient check-ups, during ultrasound scans, in the midwife consultations, in Pregnancy Clinic 1 and in Maternity Clinic 1
    • Only one adult companion is allowed for you at your outpatient check-ups at the Department of Gynecology, Pregnancy and Childbirth
    • Pregnant women and partners/companions are encouraged to wear a face mask at all check-ups at the hospital, unless a negative Covid-19 test can be presented (newer than 48 hours). If you do not bring a mask yourself, you will be able to receive a mask on arrival at the department or at the examination.

  • Restrictions on the number of companions allowed to join you in the Labour and Maternity ward
    • You may only bring one companion to the birth and to the Maternity ward - eg your partner, unless there are special circumstances. Talk to your midwife if You have any specific needs regarding this. No other visitors are allowed during Your stay at the Labour and Maternity Ward.

  • COVID-19 inoculation prior to induction of labour, planned caesarean section and for all pregnant women near term - partner/companion inclusive
    • All pregnant women and their partners/companions are encouraged, from week 39 + 5 days of pregnancy, to be inoculated every other day until birth. The inoculation takes place at the 'Corona Podeklinik' at Herlev Hospital.

      'Corona Podeklinikken' at Herlev Hospital
      Borgmester Ib Juuls Vej 29 (Entrance marked with 29B)
      Opening hours: All days of the week at 10:00-18:00 (last arrival: 17:30). It is not necessary to book an appointment!

    • If You have a planned induction of labour, the inoculation is to be performed the day before, so the result is present at the date of induction.
    • For pregnant women with a planned caesarean section, the inoculation is to be performed two days before the caesarean section, so that the result is present at the time of admission.
      If you have an appointment for induction or planned caesarean section, you will receive a message in your e-box with information regarding the inoculation.

  • If you and your partner/relative do not have a valid (max. 48 hours old) inoculation answer at the time of admission:
    • At the time of admission, the staff will check whether you and your partner / companion have a valid - ie max 48 hours old - inoculation.
    • If you give birth before 39 + 5, or for other reasons do not have a valid inoculation, the staff at the Labour ward will offer you inoculation.
    • If your partner / companion cannot present a valid (max. 48 hours gl) inoculation, the inoculation can take place in the 'Corona-vurderingsklinik' during opening hours, see above. Waiting time for inoculum response must be expected.


  • Until there is a valid negative vaccine response for COVID-19 on you and your partner / companion, this applies:
    • You and your partner / companion must stay in the delivery room / maternity room, and we urge you not to leave the room.
    • In active labor, the labouring woman is not expected to wear a face mask. The staff will use protective equipment.
    • Your partner/companion must wear a face mask, also in the delivery room / maternity room.
    • If the newborn is admitted to the pediatric ward, the mother and partner/companion will need to be isolated and use a face mask until a valid inoculation is available for both of you. Partner/companion are only allowed in ‘Treatment of Newborns, bed section 1’ when he or she has been inoculated.