Pregnancy and Childbirth

Get information about what we can offer you and your partner during pregnancy and after delivery.

Due to the Corona Pandemic the following must be observed:

  • You and your partner/relative must not enter the hospital if you experience any possible symptoms of corona. Call the department for further plan.

And the following applies:

  • Appointments at the Ultrasound Department: 1 adult (e.g. a partner or relative) may accompany you during your visit. Your relative must wait outside the hospital until you are invited to the examination room. When you are, you can call your relative. Your relative can then walk straight to the examination room and join you there.
  • Appointments with the midwife: 1 adult may accompany you during your visit.
  • Appointments at 'Graviditet, Klinik 1 (former 'Svangreambulatoriet'): 1 adult may accompany you during your visit.
  • Appointments at 'Barsel, Klinik1' (former 'Efterfødselsambulatoriet'): 1 adult may accompany you and your baby during your visit.

Only 1 healthy relative (e.g. your partner) is allowed at the laboring unit and maternity unit.