After the delivery

Here you can get an overview of what Herlev Hospital can offer you during the first days after the delivery. 

Maternity ABC​

​​At the l​abour ward

You will stay in the delivery room for the first couple of hours after the delivery. Here the midwife will stitch you if you need suturing, and will make sure that the amount of bleeding is normal. She will also examine the baby, and help you with the breastfeeding.

You and your partner will also have some time alone, so you can get to know your baby in privacy. You are welcome to have visitors in the delivery room, if you feel up for it. However we do advice you to remember, that a calm environment is essential for establishing a successful breastfeeding.

Going home

If your pregnancy and delivery has been without any complications, you will be offered an outpatient maternity period, spendt in your own home. This means that you will leave the hospital directly from the labour ward, 3-6 hours after the delivery, depending on the time of day.

If it is your first baby, you and your partner will also have the possibility to stay in our Barselsgang on the ground floor, if you wish to.

Before you leave the labour ward, we will inform you and your partner on things to be aware of regarding you and the baby, during the first days, and how to contact us.


The day after the delivery a midwife will call you at home. Here she will ensure the general wellbeing of you all, and make sure that the baby is feeding well. Also you can ask her any questions you might have.

2-3 days after the delivery you and your baby will have a check-up at the hospitals post-natal clinic (Barsel, klinik 1), which is located at the Maternity unit. During this check-up we will examine your baby's hearing, and take a blood sample to examine for a range of metabolic disorders.

Read more about the examination of Your newborn:


The Maternity unit 

If there has been any complications or circumstances that need special attention, you and your baby will be admitted at the Maternity unit. Your partner is also welcome to stay, free of charge. In most cases you will have to stay for one or two days, depending on the need.​