​If you have general questions that do not contain sensitive or confidential information, you can write to us via email. Inquiries from foreign countries which contain sensitive personal data, please contact us by letter.

Claus F. Behrens, MSc, PhD, Lead Senior Scientist, Honorary Associate Professor at DTU (Technical University of Denmark)
Research: IGRT, Adaptive RT, MRI-Linac, Treatment planning, Monte Carlo simulations.

E-mail: Claus F. Behrens

Poul F. Geertsen, MD, PhD, Chief Physician, Head of The Radiotherapy
Research: Kidney and Prostate cancer

Brian H. Kristensen, MSc, Head of The Radiotherapy
Research: MRI in RT~
David Sjöström, MSc, Deputy Head
Research: IGRT, Adaptive RT, Treatment planning
E-mail: David Sjöström
Anna-Lene Fromm, MD, Chief Physician
Research: Recti cancer
E-mail: Anna-Lene Fromm
Christian Maare, MD, PhD, Chief Physician
Research: Head and Neck cancer
Elo Andersen, MD, Chief Physician
Research: Head and Neck cancer
E-mail: Elo Andersen
Eva Samsøe, MSc, PhD, Senior Scientist
Research: Head and Neck cancer, IGRT, DWI
E-mail: Eva Samsøe
Eva Serup-Hansen, MD, PhD Chief Physician
Research: Anal cancer
Gitte Persson, MD, PhD, Chief Physician
Research: Lung Cancer
Henriette Lindberg, MD, PhD, Chief Physician
Research: Prostate cancer
Jens Bentzen, MD, Chief Physician
Research: Head and Neck cancer
E-mail: Jens Bentzen
Jens M. Edmund MSc, PhD, Senior Scientist,
Affiliated Associate Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute, KU
Research: MRI only RT, CT artefact reduction

E-mail: Jens M. Edmund

Jon Lykkegaard Andersen, MD
Research: Lung cancer
Louise Wichmann Matthiessen, MD, PhD
Research: Breast cancer
Maria Sjölin, MSc
Research: Patient specific QA, Treatment planning
E-mail: Maria Sjölin
Rasmus Hvass, MSc, PhD Senior Scientist
Research: MRI
E-mail: Rasmus Hvass Hansen
Sune K. Buhl, MSc
Research: IGRT, IT
E-mail: Sune K. Buhl
Susanne Vallentin, MD, Chief Physician
Research: Breast cancer
Wiviann Ottosson, MSc, PhD, Scientist
Research: Lung cancer, DIBH, IGRT, Monte Carlo simulations

E-mail: Wiviann Ottosson

Patrik Sibolt, MSc, PhD
Research: Adaptive RT, Monte Carlo simulations, Lung
E-mail: Patrik Sibolt

Susanne N. Bekke, MSc, PhD
Research: Surface scanning, Breast, DIBH, IGRT

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