​​The RRU is part of a large radiotherapy clinic, which in turn is part of the Department of Oncology. We treat approximately 3,500 patients per year by delivering approximately 55,000 treatment fractions of radiotherapy.

A number of research projects focus on exploring of our state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment. This is to ensure the continued development of radiotherapy, guaranteeing not only that our patients receive the best possible treatment, but also that we develop new and even better treatment strategies for future patients.

Treatment equipment

a) Nine treatment units (LINACS): Eight Varian iX and one Varian True Beam, all
        with cone beam CT (CBCT), gating, and VMAT (RapidArc) capabilities
b) Two kV apparatus for treating superficial lesions (50-100 kV)
c) One HDR afterloader for brachytherapy
d) System for radioactive iodine seed implantation for prostate treatment

For treatment preparation and response monitoring

a) Two bigbore Philips CT scanners
b) One open Philips 1.0 T panorama MRI scanner
c) GE PET/CT scanner (Discovery 710 Clarity Edition    
d) GE spectral CT scanner (Revolution CT ES)

For workflow, treatment planning, and QA/QC

a) Eclipse treatmentplanning system (Varian)
b) Aria (Varian)
c) Mobius3D for independent dose calculation
d) MobiusFX for QC

We have good and close collaboration with The Department of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine for PET/CT scanning and with The Department of Radiology for MRI scanning. 


















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