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Topics/ ideas for bachelor projects, master projects or a research semester  

Paediatric nurses’ worry or concern and early recognition of deteriorating patients

Paediatric nurses often recognize deterioration in paediatric patients through intuition rather than through routine measurement of vital signs. Adding ‘worry or concern’ signs to a paediatric early warning system (PEWS) would provide an opportunity for nurses to act upon their intuitive feelings. Identifying what triggers nurses to be worried or concerned might help to put intuition into words, and potentially empower nurses to act upon their intuitive feelings in an early stage of deterioration.  

The aim of this study is to identify the signs and symptoms that trigger paediatric nurses’ worry or concern about a paediatric patient’s condition in a systematic literature review.

What is professional quality in a paediatric department?

The staff at the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine are asked the following in the ongoing well-being measurements: 

"To what extent do you perceive that there is a clear criteria for professional quality at your workplace?"

But what do the nurses understand by professional quality?
How is professional quality expressed in the care?
Are the nurse's competence level of importance in relation to how professional quality is understood and how it is expressed?

This can be investigated by different methods and in different sections of the department according to the perspective of the project. Several different methods could be used for instance: Literature review; Field observations and/or interviews.

Interdisciplinary cooperation about the child in question - is it imagination or reality

There is a strong professional tradition and self-understanding within the field of paediatrics that paediatricians and paediatric nurses work closely together on the care and treatment of the child. 

We would like to have examined whether this is in fact reality. How does interdisciplinary cooperation occur with a paediatric department?

This can be investigated by field observations and/or interviews. Thus, there are several bachelor/master projects in the above-mentioned phenomenon that we wish to study.

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