Children and pain - healthcare professionals knowledge and attitudes regarding pain

​The project

There is evidence that supports the healthcare professionals’ management of pain in children and adolescents in the form of, among other things, national and international guidelines. However, there is also evidence that healthcare professionals’ treatment of pain in hospitalized children and adolescents is not optimal. It is not only internationally that child and adolescent pain is underestimated - a study at the children's and adolescents departments in the Capital Region showed that children and adolescents had more and worse pain than both parents and health professionals assessed. There is thus a need to investigate and elucidate the factors that affect healthcare professionals’ treatment of pain in children and adolescents.
The aim of the study is to evaluate the reliability and the validity of the Danish version of the Paediatric Pain Knowledge and Attitudes Questionnaire in in a sample of healthcare professionals who work with children in pain.

Time frame

2017 - 2020