Headache among children and adolescents

The project

Headache is a very common symptom and frequent cause of hospital visit and school absences. Very little is known about the pathophysiology of headache in children and adolescents. In this project, several known pathophysiological mechanisms of headache in adults will be examined in a large clinical cohort of children and adolescents from the only pediatric headache outpatient clinic in Denmark, located at the pediatric department, Herlev University Hospital. 

Furthermore, there will be focus on neuropsychological difficulties, psychosocial problems and comorbidity among children and adolescents with headaches, which may contribute to worsening or maintenance of headaches. By examinating possible disease mechanisms, treatment possibilities can be optimized and new treatment options might be developed.  

By differentiation between different pediatric phenotypes of headache, the project will also contribute to more individualized treatment possibilities.

Time frame

June 2018 - June 2021


Ongoing application to funds.