​ENIGMA = Enhancing NeuroImaging Genetics through Meta Analysis

TS = Tourette syndrome

The project

ENIGMA -TS is a European collaboration of research groups in order to share neuroimaging and genetic databases towards large scale studies on brain structure, neurophysiology and the molecular underpinnings of Tourette syndrome. 

The aim is to identify brain regions and brain circuits that are involved in the neurobiology of Tourette syndrome and investigate how these relate to genomic background. Through large-scale analysis of neuroimaging data we will seek to define heritable sub-phenotypes in Tourette syndrome and probe genomic variation in order to dissect the complex genetic architecture of the disorder. 

In this project, the participants from the longitudinal studies who have got an MRI scan of the brain and have got taken blood samples in the genetic studies will be included.

Time frame

From autum 2018


Ongoing application to funds.