Henrik Bindesbøl Mortensen

Professor emeritus


Experts skills in in patient-oriented translational and clinical research to:

  1. Understand the pathogenesis to type 1 diabetes 
  2. Develop biomarkers for disease prediction, progression and therapeutic response
  3. Prolong the period with residual beta cell function
  4. Improve the outcome of diabetes treatment
  5. Understand and halt the increasing trend of type 1 diabetes.

Main research areas

Pathophysiology and pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes with special attention to the period with residual beta cell function in new onset type 1 diabetes.

Identification of new biomarkers for beta cell replication or decay.

Launch of intervention studies with the aim of preserving the residual beta cell function to prolong the period with residual beta cell function or even make it permanent.    

Current research


PhD Scholarship Awards: Copenhagen University and Herlev Hospital Research Fund 
EFSD, Novo Nordisk
Capital Region of Denmark’s Research fund for Health Science