Multiple-breath washout - a new lung function method for diagnosing asthma in children and adolescents

​The project

Asthma is a disease that causes inflammation of the airways - especially the small airways. Measurement of lung function is therefore important for diagnosing asthma and for following the course of the disease during treatment. The traditional lung function methods such as spirometry measure predominantly the large and medium-sized airways and, to a lesser extent, the small airways, where there may be disease, particularly early in the disease course or in children with mild degree of disease.

The purpose of this project is to evaluate a new lung function method called multiple-breath washout, which examines the ability of the lungs to wash out a gas. 

The study compares teenagers and preschoolers with and without recurrent wheeze/asthma, who participate in the Danish birth cohorts COPSAC2000 and COPSAC2010.

Time frame